Bassmaster College Series 2024: A New Dawn in College Fishing

For all the college fishing enthusiasts and followers of, the upcoming season promises to be bigger, better, and more inclusive. We delve into the anticipated changes and offerings of the 2024 Strike King Bassmaster College Series presented by Bass Pro Shops.

A Fresh College Bass Fishing Format Awaits

The 2024 season unveils a format that brings more opportunities to angling students nationwide. A step towards meeting the swelling demand for college teams to join the fray, the series has revamped its structure to prioritize the Bassmaster College Team of the Year standings. The new format ensures that teams are not just competing for isolated wins but maintaining a consistent performance throughout the season[Source].

Qualifying for the Bass Fishing National Championship: Two Divisions, Six Tournaments, And More Chances

Breaking from its traditional four-tournament setup, the series now boasts two divisions, each offering three tournaments. To keep the competition fierce yet manageable, each tournament is capped at 250 teams. But here’s the kicker: the top 25 teams from every event will book their spot for the coveted National Championship. Each team must register for a particular division, ensuring an equal distribution of competition and opportunities. The top 20 teams in each division advance to the National Championship. The stakes? Team of the Year points are a testament to consistency and skill throughout the season[Source].

Blurring State Lines: The National Touch (Bass Nation)

The National Championship just got more inclusive! Alongside the top college teams, qualifiers from each state’s B.A.S.S. Nation College circuit will grace the event. But the plot thickens post-Nationals. The top 3 teams from the overall standings, coupled with the National Champions, will advance to the College Classic Bracket. The reward? A chance to fight for a spot in the Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota [Source].

Tournament Director Glenn Cale’s Vision for College Fishing

A notable voice behind these changes is Glenn Cale, the tournament manager. Having previously uplifted the youth tournament experience and significantly increased participation during his tenure as the Florida B.A.S.S. Nation Youth and College Director, Cale emphasizes consistency and broader participation.

“This new format opens avenues for more teams to compete while also prioritizing a team’s overall body of work throughout the season and rewarding a strong National Championship showing,” he shared.


With his rich background, including his stints as a Major League Baseball umpire and a District Sales Manager, the fishing community eagerly awaits the Cale touch on the College Series[Source].

Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

Details on the schedule and registration for this revamped college series will be announced later this summer. As college fishing continues to burgeon in popularity, so does the anticipation for the next season. Here’s to the new format, increased participation, and, most importantly, the young anglers ready to make their mark!

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