9 Bass Fishing Records that Shocked the World

In the annals of sport fishing, bass fishing records hold a special place, tracing some of the most extraordinary catches ever recorded and offering a glimpse into the personal stories behind these momentous feats. 

Bass, the most popular game fish in North America, captivate anglers with the challenge they present, as their size and elusive nature make them a prized catch for any dedicated angler. Read on for a deep dive into the thrilling world of bass fishing records.  We’ll explore the remarkable achievements that have made history in this exhilarating pastime.

9 Bass Fishing Records that Shocked the World

  1. Largemouth Bass Record:  George Perry’s largest largemouth bass officially recorded weighed 22.4 lbs and was caught in 1932 in Montgomery Lake, Georgia.
  2. Longest Largemouth Bass: Patrick Sebile caught a largemouth bass that measured an impressive 61cm (24.016 inches), the longest ever recorded, at Lake Okeechobee, Florida.
  3. World Record Bass (Disqualified): Mac Weakley caught a largemouth bass weighing a staggering 25.01 lbs in 2006 at Lake Dixon, California. However, because the fish was foul-hooked, it is not officially considered a world record.
  4. Female Junior Angler Record: Mackenzie Ruth Hickox, an 11-year-old, landed a 15 lb 12 oz bass at Spruce Creek, Daytona Beach, Florida. She holds the female junior angler record.12-pound Line Class Bass Fishing Record:  Lea Anne Powell holds the world record for the biggest largemouth bass ever caught in the 12-pound line class. The fish weighed 12 lbs and 3 oz (source).
  5. Fishing Catches Exceeding 10 Pounds:  Chuck Justice in Oklahoma has caught over 200 largemouth bass weighing over 10 pounds. All these catches happened within the state, mainly from Sardis and McGee Creek lakes. 
  6. World Record Bass Tie:  Manabu Kurita in Japan matched the All-Tackle world record Black Bass caught at Montgomery Lake, GA, by George Perry. Kurita’s catch weighed 22 lbs. 4 oz, the same weight as Perry’s legendary catch, making him one of only two people with officially certified catches of this weight.
  7. Biggest Smallmouth Bass:  The largest recorded Smallmouth Bass was caught by David Hayes, weighing 11 pounds 15 ounces, in Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee (source).
  8. Spotted Bass Record:  The largest recorded Spotted Bass was caught by Nick Dulleck, weighing 11 pounds 4 ounces, in New Bullards Bar Reservoir, California (source).
  9. Striper Record:  The biggest recorded Striped Bass was caught by Gregory Myerson, weighing 81 pounds 14 ounces, in Long Island Sound, Connecticut (source).

Let’s start with the largest largemouth bass ever officially recorded. In 1932, George Perry caught a largemouth bass that weighed 22.4lb in Montgomery Lake, Georgia. This record remained unbeaten for more than eight decades, despite initial skepticism due to the lack of photographic evidence. However, in 2006, relatives of George Perry finally produced pictures of the record-breaking fish, ending any doubts regarding the legitimacy of Perry’s catch (source).

Perry’s catch was recounted in great detail in a Texas Game and Fish magazine article from September 1953. Rumors and misinformation about the whereabouts of Perry and Montgomery Lake added a layer of mystique to this record. It was even believed that Perry had passed away or was living in distant locations like Canada or Mexico(source). However, Perry was alive and remained connected to the fishing world.

Records in bass fishing aren’t just about the weight. Patrick Sebile, a seasoned angler with several International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records, holds the IGFA All-Tackle Length Record for largemouth bass. On a trip to Lake Okeechobee, Florida, Sebile landed a largemouth bass that measured an impressive 61cm (24.016 inches), besting the previous record of 59cm (23.228 inches) (source).

However, even these world records have an asterisk of sorts. In 2006, a bass weighing a staggering 25.01lb was caught in Lake Dixon, California. Mac Weakley, unfortunately, foul-hooked this behemoth, which disqualifies it from being considered for the world record (source). Nevertheless, this catch shows the potential size that bass can reach, and the thrill of potentially breaking this “unofficial” record continues to excite anglers across the globe.

Another notable catch was by a young angler named Mackenzie Ruth Hickox, who, at only 11 years old, landed a 15-pound 12 ounces bass at Spruce Creek, Daytona Beach, Florida. She holds the female junior angler record (source).

Recent records include that of Lea Anne Powell, who caught a 12-pound, 3-ounce largemouth bass, setting the world record for the biggest largemouth bass ever seen in the 12-pound line class. Powell was fishing on a 10-pound Seaguar Red Label line when she made this record-breaking catch (source).

In Oklahoma, Chuck Justice is well-known among anglers for having caught over 200 largemouth bass weighing over 10 pounds each. His record-breaking spree of double-digit catches has happened within the state, with a significant portion of them from Sardis and McGee Creek lakes (source).

Two exceptional fishermen jointly hold the All-Tackle world record for Black Bass. Manabu Kurita of Japan equaled a record initially set by George Perry at Montgomery Lake, GA. Kurita’s catch matched the weight of Perry’s famous bass, both weighing in at 22 lbs. 4 oz. This remarkable collective feat makes them the only two individuals with officially certified catches of this size (source).

The top spot for the largest Smallmouth Bass ever recorded goes to David Hayes. He reeled in a staggering specimen weighing 11 pounds 15 ounces.The record-breaking event occurred in Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee, a renowned fishing destination for avid anglers seeking trophy-sized catches.

Nick Dulleck proudly holds the title for the largest Spotted Bass ever recorded, a remarkable catch tipping the scales at an impressive 11 pounds 4 ounces. This memorable fishing accomplishment etched his name in angling history. The record-setting event took place in the picturesque waters of New Bullards Bar Reservoir, California, attracting anglers from far and wide in pursuit of their own extraordinary fishing feats.

Gregory Myerson holds the world record for the largest Striped Bass ever caught. His exceptional catch weighed a whopping 81 pounds 14 ounces. Myerson achieved this feat in Long Island Sound, Connecticut. Regrettably, the exact source for this record cannot be provided due to the lack of relevant content in the given information.

These captivating stories underscore the unpredictability, challenges, and excitement inherent in the realm of bass fishing. Every cast presents a chance to shatter a record or weave a narrative worthy of remembrance

These accounts drawn from the historical records of bass fishing highlight the zeal, commitment, and expertise required by this sport, explaining its persistent allure to aficionados across the globe.

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