21 of the Best Bass Fishing Apps (Instantly Improve Your Fishing)

Bass anglers are always looking for something that will give them an edge. Modern tech has afforded fishermen many opportunities to take advantage of intel and data that can provide useful information to put you on the fish faster than ever.

Fishing apps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and serve many purposes. 

Many fishing apps provide logging capabilities to track your fish catches, while others offer predictive technology to assess the best upcoming days for fishing. Some provide robust weather functionality, while other platforms are social media and spot-sharing apps allowing you to share information with other anglers. Finally, some bass fishing apps are more commercial, offering paid services for professional tips and news or platforms for buying and selling tackle and gear.

Below is a list of 21 of the best bass fishing apps that warrant special consideration. You’ll find an explanation of each app and tips for using them to help you plan fishing trips or make adjustments while on the water. Most of the fishing apps below are free. However, some offer premium or pro versions.

1. BassForecast

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  • Bassforecast is relatively accurate and is the best fishing weather app because its predictions are based on moon phases, seasonal changes, air pressure, sky conditions, and wind effects backed by AccuWeather data. It also includes real-time updates to keep up with changes in the fishing variables above. 
  • Analyzes factors that affect bass activity (feeding).
  • Fishing advice is based on the predicted temperament of bass based on the weather, season, and more, including real-time updates based on location conditions.
  • The app predicts bass feeding intensity and gives tactic advice and lure selection tips.  
  • The app provides a BassForecast Rating for the upcoming ten days in any location you choose globally.

The BassForecast premium edition affords users an upgraded app with the following features:

  • Ten days’ worth of ratings, forecast, and  “Adapted Patterns,” which provides the angler with bait, presentation, and location suggestions, including top 5 baits, structure to fish, tips on how to fish, and more.
  • Access solunar information, including major and minor feeding times.
  • Access 10 days of past weather information to understand how rain and temperature may have affected your target location.
  • Keep an eye on pending weather changes, including storms, while on the water with live access to radar.
  • Track 10 of your favorite fishing locations to choose the best location.
  • Push Notifications for upcoming days are set up to be great fishing days.
  • Quickly store information about your fish catches, including pictures, conditions, and dates, which you may choose to share.

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 2. Fishbrain

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  • Fishbrain is a good app because it includes log functionality, mapping, forecasting, and real-time updates. It also boasts over 10 million users offering a robust and active community of users to network and share information with.
  • Fishbrain is widely recognized as an industry leader with well over 9 million logged catches.
  • Use the app to reference logged (by all platform users) fish catches in the app to target the best areas.
  • Active community accessible to app users to discuss and explore best lures, presentations, and locations to fish.  
  • App updates in real-time so you can follow trending hotspots.
  • Track your personal statistics by logging your catches. It helps you to identify historical trends.

Pro (paid features) includes the following add-ons:

  • Best baits and lures 
  • Exact fish catch locations
  • Fishing forecast
  • Private waypoints and groups
  • Depth map

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3. Navionics

  • One of my personal favorites. I lean on it for information on a regular basis.
  • Includes auto-routes with estimated arrival times, distance, and estimated fuel usage.
  • Includes extensive nautical charts with detailed contour mapping.
  • Shading (blue) included indicating different depths.
  • Shows roads and other important features on land as well.
  • Review your trips via the timeline feature.
  • Access to your map’s tide and weather information and currents via an overlay feature.
  • .Offers free trial, which transitions to the paid version.

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4. Major League Fishing App

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  • Offers live coverage of the Bass Pro Tour, including live weigh-ins from Big Five events.
  • Follow each MLF circuit, including the Bass Pro Tour, Toyota Series, College and High School Events, and more.
  • Learn from the best, including pros like Jacob Wheeler, Kevin VanDam, and more.

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5. Fishangler

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  • Access fishing spots, including nearby catch information as well as fishing forecasts
  • An optional social platform to meet and share information with other fishermen.
  • Social platform designed for clubs and friend groups to share catches, organize trips, etc. 
  • Includes seven days of weather forecast including tide, wind, and water temps.
  • Log personal catches, which include current weather conditions.
  • Set up a tackle box, then tag catches with the bait you used.
  • Option to tag waypoints with photos and text information.

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6. Bass U TV

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  • Collection of bass fishing tips, tricks, and strategies by world-renowned professional bass fishermen.  
  • Subscription-based. I have personally used this service. It’s FULL of content and well-produced by some of the biggest names like Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam, and others.
  • Access to over 700 videos. New videos are added weekly.
  • No commercials.
  • Includes regular live broadcasts. Ask questions and win prizes for Bass U members.
  • Discounts on products from a wide variety of companies, including Rapala, VMC, etc. 
  • Starts at $14.99 per month or $149.99 annually.

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7. Fatsack

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  • Track catches to create a fishing log for future reference.
  • Maintain and systematically track your tackle by scanning barcodes or entering info manually—track quantities so you never run out.
  • A social platform to connect with other anglers, including chat and message features.
  • Keep up with fishing news.
  • Learn by watching tips videos uploaded regularly.
  • Share catch information with other anglers publicly or privately with friends.
  • The platform allows for hosting or joining tournaments.
  • Promoted by MLF pro Brian Latimer

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  • It helps you to plan trips by researching your target body of water.
  • Record catches via a virtual logbook that includes water, time, weather, and location information.  
  • Ability to track your trip.   
  • Can connect/pair with available fish tracking accessories.
  • Use historical data to help you understand fishing trends and patterns.
  • Log and track your fishing gear.
  • Take pictures and store catch information by trip or in a photo gallery.
  • Save shareable waypoints for future reference.

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9. Fishidy

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  • The platform offers maps with fishing hot spots.
  • Includes fishing tips and tactics specifically designed for some of the most popular fishing lakes and rivers in the United States.
  • Connect with over one million Fishidy members to network and learn.
  • Monitor catch rates, publicly shared spots, and most effective baits for specific fishing locations.
  • Log your fish catches via the Fishidy app, which instantly captures weather conditions to help you develop fishing patterns.
  • Research marinas, ramps, and other relevant information about waterways.
  • Access fishing reports localized to your target body of water.

Premium Features

  • Offline access to personal maps.
  • Vegetation and structure references are included in the mapping.
  • Forecasts and tips.
  • Hot spots include coordinates.
  • Navigational aids, including contours.

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10. Fishaholics

  • Share catch information (optional) with the community via a social media function.
  • Set up alerts for fishing spots near you.
  • Simply take a picture to log a new catch.
  • Automatically log weather, moon phase, location data, and other relevant information for your catches.
  • Easily track which of your baits and lures are working the best.
  • It can work without internet access, so perfect for remote locations.

** Note:  Only available in IOS. Not available on Google Play.

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11. Anglers Log Fishing Journal

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  • The app provides a method for anglers to log fishing trip information like dates, catches, locations, and more.
  • Include multiple catch details like the lure used, weather conditions, and photos.
  • Ability to see your favorite fishing holes on an easy-to-use map
  • Catch stats included for user analysis. 
  • Easily share your fish catches and information on most social media platforms.

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12. Bass Pro Shops

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  • Shopping app for Bass Pro Shops.
  • Manage and use outdoor rewards cards in mobile format.

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13. Windfinder

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  • A Bass Fishing Insider Favorite. I use this one all of the time and love it!
  • Intuitive layout and is easy to understand. 
  • Includes detailed weather and wind forecasts for worldwide locations.
  • Includes tide forecasts.
  • Uses real-time data from wind stations worldwide.
  • Presents current and future wind in an animated format.
  • Keep and tag favorite locations for future quick reference.

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14. Fishlyfe

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  • Provides specific fishing spots via waypoints, including descriptions, productive tactics, and baits.
  • Spot updates regularly.
  • Professional fishermen and guides provide information.

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15. Fishing Points

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  • Save fishing spots, and plan for trips.
  • Solunar data, tide, and weather forecasts are available. (Check out How Does the Moon Phase Affect Bass Fishing)
  • Log catch information which includes weather and tide information automatically stored.
  • Satellite view available.
  • Ability to share locations with other anglers.
  • Nautical charts included.
  • Includes daily fish activity forecast and major and minor feeding times.
  • Weather and wind forecast.

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16. Fishdonkey

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  • App to help you create and manage fishing tournaments via a mobile platform.
  • Includes online payment and registration system.
  • Leaderboards with update feature. (Live)
  • Protection from cheating and fraud via APP tools.
  • “Digital Livewells”
  • Communication platform for director and participants via email, text, or in-app calls.

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17. Fishing Times

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  • Highlights major and minor fishing times.
  • Day rating system.
  • Includes tide times, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase.
  • Check future dates for projected conditions.
  • Simple, clean, efficient interface.

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18. Fishing Forecast

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  • The APP includes interactive data to predict the best and worst fishing times.
  • Includes analytics on the wind, sun, air pressure, and more.

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Access to detailed maps.

19. Wefish

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  • Fishing challenges with prizes and discounts included.
  • Detailed meteorological information.
  • Platform to buy and sell tackle, equipment, gear, etc. 
  • In-depth fishing forecasts, including location information, best bait and color advice, and more.
  • Fish log capability. Ability to include tackle and lure info, location, weather info, and more.

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20. Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time

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  • It uses moon phase information and sun position to determine optimal feeding times for fish and wildlife.
  • Ability to save locations.
  • Includes day ratings
  • Includes moon and sun rise and set times and tide charts.
  • Provides weather information (current and five-day forecast).

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21. Fishing Knots

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  • Knot-tying information via your mobile phone.  
  • Advice on choosing the right knots for the right line and technique.

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Are fishing apps accurate? What’s the bottom line?

Fishing apps that predict the best fishing times are accurate when they rely on empirical data like solunar calendars, tides, air pressure, wind, seasonal data, and other relevant weather variables in conjunction with user input and data via public fish logs.

The Bass Line. Final Word

The best way to sort through the myriad of options is to download apps, get a feel and see which ones fit your bill. These apps can be tremendously helpful but often overwhelming. So take your time getting to know the apps before deciding which ones to keep.

Before you set out on your next bass fishing trip, check out these great finds and put them into play to give you unique insights into your best strategy for loading the boat with fish!

Jason Bradstreet

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