Choosing the Right Rod

Phillips or Flat head? This is an example of choosing the right tool for the job. Choosing the right screwdriver can greatly increase your chances of completing the task at hand. Same goes with your fishing rod, the rod is one of the most important tools in your fishing arsenal. This guide below will help you choose the right rod on your next trip to the fishing isle.

Crankbait Rod

These rods are engineered to flex. A softer tip, and fast action allow for smoother hook set’s . I prefer a 7’ 4 Medium rod with a Moderate action, this rod gives me enough leverage to tire fish out and make longer casts. This rod bends a lot more than the heavier action rods. The delayed motion of the swing allows the hook to penetrate more precisely. It will make a smaller incision instead of a large hole, when setting the hook. When throwing a Crankbait, the light action rod won’t pull the lure from the fish’s mouth on the hook set.

Finesse Rod

The finesse rod is reserved for the days when nothing is going right. The days when fish just don’t seem to be biting. These rods are known for their extreme sensitivity and light weight. I use a 6’10 medium heavy rod for those sticky situations.

Jig and Worm Rod

One of my favorite rods, the Jig Rod. Some of my biggest fish were caught on a Jig. These rods are strong and allow you to muscle fish out of heavy cover or deep water. My Jig rod is a 7’1 Heavy rod with a Fast action. The backbone on this rod is solid, this allows for strong hook sets when you have a lot of line out. Some people even use a worm on a jig rod. Fishing heavy cover requires a rod that can pull the fish out of their hiding spot, this rod can do that with ease.

Top water Rod

The adrenaline rush you get from a top water bite can’t be compared to any other presentation. These rods have to be strong, setting the hook on a fish in the thickest cover can be hard sometimes. Trying to pull a fish from a patch of lily pads just doesn’t work with a Crankbait rod. The rod has to much play, it will allow the fish to shake the hook and get away. I prefer a 6′ 8 Medium Heavy with a Fast action. This setup gives me enough backbone to have control over the fish, the fast action gives me the ability to twitch the lure enough to entice a bite.

Swimbait Rod

In recent years the popularity of swimbaits has grown. Throwing a 12″ glide bait on the wrong rod can end in a bad time. These big swim baits can cost upwards of $150! Having the right setup for this special presentation is crucial. I have equipped a 8’ Heavy rod with a Fast action. I also prefer an oversized grip on my rod, the larger grip allows me to use my side for leverage and to take stress off of the wrist.

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