Finesse: Essential Guide to Using the Shakey Head

Styles of Shaky Heads

Several styles of shakey head jigs exist. The flat top, and the ball head are the most popular styles. The flat top version allows the bait to stand up straight when it is resting on the bottom. The body of the bait is just sitting there shimmying back and forth. The downfall to the flat top is the shape, this head type likes to wedge itself in between everything. The ball head, however likes to roll back and forth when being retrieved. This allows for the bait to move side to side like a weeble wobble in the water.

What worm to use?

A finesse worm is the most popular choice to pair a shaky head with. But you are not limited to just that style of worm. You can use stick baits, craws, or even creature baits. This is a slow presentation style of fishing.

Where to throw a Shaky Head?

The shaky head is not a power fishing technique. When the bite is tough and nothing seems to be working, try using a shaky head. Pitch the bait up under a boat dock or next to a fallen tree. Drop offs and ledges are also hot spots to target bass, when using this jig head.

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